I have regular conversations with people around the things that they’ve been trying or want to do.

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And, in a very high proportion of times, the thing that they haven’t been doing as much as they like was never particularly planned.

The extent of the plan was often “exercise more” or “eat better”.

No more concrete steps had been put in place in the vast majority of cases.

And often, when I talk to them about planning more of the steps needed, they reply is some version of “I’ve just been too busy”.

Which, as the blog title suggest, is the time that we need to plan the most.

It’s fine just to “try and fit it in” when we’re not busy.

When we’ve got loads of spare time, it’ll probably just get done at some point.

That’s cool.

But, until that time happens (because I know the vast majority of use aren’t there now), when we are busy is the time to plan.

To get clear on the processes and steps that need to happen for the result that we desire.

To schedule them into our diary or calendar.

To get a diary or calendar if we don’t already have one and we’re claiming that we’re “too busy”.

To put in place, the other things that might need to happen for us to do those steps.

To get the buy in an agreement of those who might influence them happening.

To reschedule where necessary but to actually have them planned at some point.

As I said, fitting it in is fine when you don’t have much on.

But, whilst you’re busy, planning is key.

Much love,

Jon ‘”Fitting it in” is code for “not committed” and “probably won’t happen”‘ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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