I recently posted a poll in our members’ Facebook group.


Which would you rather be;


1. At the start of a 100m race?


2. 90m into a 200m race?


The overwhelming choice was the later.


Which is what I expected.


Even though, on the face of it, it doesn’t make any sense.


There’s still further to go.


More effort to be expended.


But it’s simple human psychology.


It’s the getting started that we usually struggle with.


Once we’re going in the right direction, continued movement is relatively easy.


Not easy easy necessarily.


But relatively easy.


So that’s the key.


If you’ve already started your journey, just keep going.


Don’t stop.




Even if you slow down for a while.


Or maybe pause.


Or perhaps even take a few steps back before going forward again.


That’ll get your there quicker than wandering off the track and having to completely restart later.


If you haven’t started yet, then there’s good news.


You can quickly get the hardest hit out of the way.


Get started then it gets (a little) easier from there 🙂


You may want to start by taking this step, like every one of our hundreds of success stories have –> myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting.



Much love,


Jon ‘Linford’ Hall and Matt ‘Usain’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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