Here’s a list of things that people have told me a various points, often many times, that have worked really well for them;

– Cutting out carbs

– Fasting

– Stopping drinking

– Stopping snacking

– Counting points

But, often in this conversation, they’ve only just expressed that, overall, they’ve not been getting the results that they would like.

In the time between when they first tried the above approach and right now they have nearly always gained weight and lost fitness and energy levels.

So, whilst those things may have worked for a period of time, overall they did not.

So, is the answer to return to something that previously caused two steps forward three steps back?


Maybe not though.

From my experience (cough *** lots of it *** cough), what normally happens when someone makes lasting changes and gets all the way to the results they desire and maintains, if not progresses on that, is some combination of;

– Getting rid of that “all or nothing”, ‘stop – start’ mindset that they used to have

– Making often smaller, but more maintainable, changes that they, give or take, can do for the rest of their life

– Becoming OK with ‘knowingly sub-optimal and done’ over ‘theoretically better and inconsistent or deferred’

Stuff working short-term it’s great.

But if it contributes to long term not working, is it really?

Much love,

Jon ‘LMFAO’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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