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I mentioned in yesterday’s blog about how we can challenge the way we say and describe things.

Try on for size a new frame for the situation in front of us.

Again, it can’t be something we don’t believe at all.

That’s pointless.

It has to be something that, at least, shows signs of becoming true.

The more we say these things the more we believe them.

The more real they feel.

The more they start to shape our thoughts and the behaviours and results that follow.

The more we say or think anything the more this all happens.

And we can use that knowledge to our advantage.

After all…………

There’s nothing more important…………

Than what we say about ourselves………..

To ourselves.

Saying something different can feel a bit forced to start with.

Many times in conversation with people, they’ve expressed scepticism.

Words like “affirmation” and “mantra” can hold a certain connotation.

People standing in front of mirrors saying “you’re a tiger, go get em champ” or “you’re a strong, powerful woman”.

People have told me before that “that’s not my kinda thing”.

Often seconds after telling me that they already do it.

That they tell themselves “I’m no good at this”.

Or “I’m rubbish at exercise”.

“I’m useless”.

“I’m a technophobe”.

“I can’t lose weight”.

“I’m too busy”.

All affirmations.

Each time we say or think it making us believe it that little bit more.

Our brains finding what it considers “proof” of this.

We all have affirmations.

Things we tell ourselves about ourselves.

So, if we’re doing it already…………

Why not be selective with the ones we use?

Why not change the ones that don’t serve us for ones that do.

Ones that help us go in the direction we want to go in.

Rather than hinder that.

You’re going to use affirmations anyway.

Choose them wisely.

Much love,

Jon ‘Ring’ Hall

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