Still think that people gain weight because they’ve eaten too much of done too little exercise?

Then complete the calculator below and read the two possible explanations for you / a fictional person gaining weight.

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Taking a fictional person (Person A) who has gained 3 stone over 30 years (moving gradually from a slim 30 year old to an overweight 50 year old). Under the calorie model, this equates to the equivalent of 0.2 slices of bread or 41 footsteps. Please read the following two explanations for why this person has gained this weight and their fictional friend (Person B) has not:


1. Person A has accidentally misjudged their food intake by the equivalent of 1/5th of a slice of bread per day or has taken 41 steps (0.41% of the recommended 10,000 steps per day) less then Person B .

2. Person A’s hormone balance and other fat accumulation factors have only worked at 99.9% of the level of Person B’s. Consequently they have diverted 0.1% more of their intake into fat stores – irrespective of how much they have eaten.


Even if you / your fictional person’s weight gain has been more rapid then this, hopefully you will be surprised at how little difference in energy intake or expenditure this equates to. And hopefully it will make you question whether people:

1. Gain weight because they eat more or do less, or

2. Eat more or do less because they’re gaining weight

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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