It was the middle of the night.


And I was awoken by a knock on the front door.


I put my head out the window and there was guy down there.


“Alright mate, could you give me a push?” he called up.


“Leave it out pal, it’s 2am” I called back and returned to bed.


“That wasn’t very nice” my girlfriend said “remember when we stuck the other week and that guy helped us out”.


Realising she was right, I got changed and headed out the front door, calling out “Alright mate – where are you?”.


“Over here on the swings” came his reply!




It’s easy to misunderstand what people mean when they say something.


Our brain searches constantly for context and experience in every situation.


When we see or hear something we compare it to other times we’ve seen or heard something similar and often categorises it with these experiences to help us determine responses and ways to deal with the information.


And it’s not uncommon that we falsely associate things we see and hear.


Many times over the years, people have gone away from conversations with us (or from reading blogs or watching videos) thinking we’ve told them to cut out carbs.


We’ve even had people come back to us and say “but you told me to eat no carbs”.


Which, of course, isn’t what we’ve ever said.


We recommend a balanced diet.


And the vast majority of the western world are on the ‘Mega-high Carb diet’ without realising it.


So, to make their diet more balanced, they often need to lower the amount of carbs and increase the protein and healthy fats.


To get the sort of macro-nutrient intake that enabled us to evolve from monkeys to space travel.


But people often erroneously assign what they are hearing to their other experiences of hearing about less carbs.


Which is often described as cutting out carbs.


So that’s what they think they have heard / read.


So, to clear things up – we recommend a balanced diet of natural foods.





Much love,


Jon ‘That story at the start is, of course, a joke’ Hall and Matt ‘I was watching a programme about the Queen the other day. A secret camera caught their gas fitter doing naughty things with her dogs. But it was ok – he was Corgi registered’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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