We’re sorry to hear that you’re thinking of leaving us.

After so many years working in this industry we know how easy it can be to drop off momentarily and struggle to get back on track. A week or two off rapidly rolls into months and years.

We feel it’s part of our job to  try and help people who are in danger of ‘falling off the wagon’, get straight back on. So we’ve put into place a few other options that we hope will work better for you in the long term then just cancelling your membership.

In our experience the vast majority of people consider cancelling for one of two reasons:

1. Massive change in financial situation (loss of job, etc)

2. Not getting the results they feel would be worth the investment

If you are thinking of cancelling to save money but your financial situation hasn’t changed, then ask yourself, would you be leaving if you’d got the results you wanted (lost all the weight, etc).

If the answer is no, then we feel it is our duty to get you back on track and start getting great results.



Remember, your membership covers 12 four week programmes per year, so you get four free weeks which you can use to cover holidays if you like – you don’t need to cancel and rejoin for holidays.

And we give you extra support while you are away to make sure the good work isn’t undone too much and we get you back to it ASAP on your return.

Please let us know when you’re going on holiday by entering the dates below:

    Other options

    Cancellation is for somebody who actually wanting to stop completely.

    If you situation is something more of a shorter term issue, then let us know and we’ll see if we can figure something out. Keep you involved some how. Slow down and speed up as circumstance allows – not stop completely.


      or contact Jon on Facebook.



      Still want to cancel? Again, we’ll be sorry to see you go, but we understand that these things happen sometimes. Please fill in the form below to request to cancel. Please note, a cancellation is only valid on receipt from us of a cancellation confirmation email. If you do not receive this, please try this process again. This is to remove any confusion over whether someone has cancelled or not. We do not accept cancellation requests through any other process then completion of this form (email, test message, conversation with staff member, Facebook, letter, etc) and all our staff are made aware of this policy. A cancellation request must be made by the 20th of the month to cancel at the end of that month (as detailed in the forms signed and initialled at the start of membership).