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Put your hand up if you’ve ever said any of the following;

“I can’t do that”

“I couldn’t do that”

“I haven’t got time”

“I didn’t have time”

“I’m too busy”

“I was too busy”

“I’m not that kind of person”

I’m sure we all had our hands up there.

I know I did.

Probably for all of them?

They are, of course, all variations of “I can’t”.

I can not.

It’s impossible for me to do or have done that.

But, if we’re being honest with ourselves, it was possible, wasn’t it?

Ridiculous as it sounds, if we were told that someone close to us would die if we didn’t do it, we’d do it, wouldn’t we?

We wouldn’t say our goodbyes, explaining “I’ve got a lot on today, sorry” would we?

We’d make it work.

Nearly always the things we think we “can’t” do, we actually can.

We just chose not to.

It was “won’t” not “can’t”.

And that’s fine.

Don’t let anyone tell you what choices you should make.

Your life.

But when we change that narrative in our head, it can be empowering.

We’re just making choices.

We just chose not to go for that workout so we could do something else.

Or because we didn’t feel up to it.

And that’s ok.

We just chose to eat (or not) that food because we wanted to (or not).

And that’s fine.

We chose to get less sleep than we might have.

We chose to drink that alcohol.

We chose everything.

And, again, all fine.

But, changing that “can’t” to “won’t” is empowering.

It might mean we make some different decisions.

It might mean we make the same ones and are ok with that.

But, either way, it changes us from being a victim of our circumstances to someone who’s making the right choice for themselves (and those around them) at that point.

Much love,

‘Can’t Jon, won’t’ Jon Hall

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