In Friday’s email I mentioned about how we often ‘sell out’ on what we truly want.


How easy it is to take a short term benefit that is in opposition to how we really want to be and how we want to live our lives.


And how much of this is done on ‘auto pilot’.


We sleep walk through so much of our lives.


Rarely stopping to really think about what we’re doing.


Reacting rather than responding.




A few months ago Alex and I took Izzie to the War Museum in Manchester.


Twas a nice day J


They had some of the old wartime posters up in one of the displays.


Including the well know ‘Careless Talk Costs Lives’ that I remember from history at school.


I was thinking about that poster the other day.


And how we can draw the analogy that ‘Careless Eating Costs Lives’.


Not immediately sure.


Unless you accidentally take a swing of rat poison or the like.


But, bit by bit, careless eating can shorten your life.


And it can lower the quality of it too.


So, if a lot of the eating you’re doing that is contributing to that increased waistline and decreased health and happiness, is done on auto-pilot – then try and stop and take that two seconds to think about what you’re doing.


Remember this fictional ‘Careless Eating Costs Lives’ poster.


Stand still and think about nothing else than that decision in front of you.


Aim to respond rather than react to the situation.


It’ll only take a few seconds.


And you may make the same decision.


But it may be the best use of a handful of seconds a day that you could make.


Tomorrow we’re going to cover what foods you should cut out of your diet – I think you’ll be surprised by the answer though.


Much love,


Jon ‘Food is a weapon – don’t waste it’ Hall and Matt ‘Destroy this mad brute’ Nicholson


P.S. Oli is a little freaked out.


We bumped into an old client of mine in town the other day.


And he casually mentioned to the boys that he and his wife had been reading about them.


Oli asked what he’d meant after.


I explained that between three and five hundred people read my emails / blogs every day.


And I often mention him and Jamie.


He asked if they were all in Macclesfield and I said they mainly were but we actually had readers all over the world (America, Australia, Africa, Asia, etc).


He looked a bit freaked and asked after a while “Daddy am I famous?”.


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