Imagine you’re listening to the radio.


An advert comes on.


“Cars available” it begins.


“Will get you from where you are to where you want to be”


“Available from all car dealers now”


Pretty useless ad, you’d think.


Not particularly enticing, is it?


Doesn’t want to make you go out an buy a car does it?


And who’s paying for that ad to run?


Which car manufacturer of dealer would advertise cars in general?


No, an effective ad would be for a specific model.


And offer some features that made it more appealing than other models.


“The new Make Model. With extra boot space, the best fuel efficiency in it’s class and the fastest 0-60 yet. Available from Place”


Or something like that.


There’s no money to be made in advertising a type of thing with no differentiating features or call to action.


Which is why you don’t see adverts for “Chicken”.


“Bernard Matthew Chicken Twizzlers” sure.


Differentiated as a specific product and by being “great value and loved by kids”.


Code for “crap and crap” unfortunately.


You won’t see any adverts for single ingredient foods.


Real food.


Because who’d pay for those adverts and hope to recoup that cost and not be helping other manufacturers for free?


No adverts extolling the health benefits of meats, veg, fruits, nuts, etc, etc.


It’s an unfortunate situation that when something is advertised as being “healthy” it probably isn’t.


It might be healthier than some other version of the same type of product, by some definition.


They may have removed or added something that you could define as being ‘bad’ or ‘good’ in some way.


To help differentiate that product and be able to call it something particular.


But it’s probably still shite unfortunately.


It’s always worth remembering how the people telling you that something is healthy earn their money.


People selling food get their money by getting you to buy said food.


We earn our money by getting people results.



Much love,


Jon ‘Gary Numan’ Hall and Matt ‘Lightning McQueen’ Nicholson




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