I was worried that getting to the RISE during the Easter Half Term was going to be a bit stressful but I was determined not to let it get in the way too much.  My strategy was simple – get to 10am session everyday.


The only things stopping me were a couple of business courses and a full diary of clients.  Most of my clients are in the evenings and at weekends so unless I go at 10 everyday then it’s unlikely I’ll make it to an evening session.


On the few days I couldn’t make it I didn’t think about doing any exercise at home but I want to change this and do more at home to compensate for the days I can’t get to class.  This is going to be my new challenge as I feel fit enough now to be able to push myself and I think I’ve got a good basic understanding of a lot of the techniques and exercises so doing this from home should be easy.  The RISE website has loads of exercises and tutorials so I won’t be short of inspiration!

I did hit a bit of a wall over half term with my general eating, I spent the first week feeling guilty that I wasn’t making the effort.  I was amazed at the level of guilt I was feeling but this was encouraging as I know deep down that I want to make the most of this journey and I’ve only ever myself to blame.


So to combat this I did two things, I booked a holiday, but most importantly I re-visited the first 28 Days.  They were the most amazing/motivating/inspirational 28 days of my life.  I was so committed during those days and I will be honest I haven’t had that same sense of achievement now I’m in it for the long haul.  I’ve been asking myself why it was it I felt different, what’s changed?  I think I’ve had a crisis of confidence.   I’m used to failing at losing weight not winning and it’s easy to slip back into that role as well as play that role.


A very close family member of mine has always made me feel that I’m not good enough and their reaction when I talk about my new journey isn’t one of encouragement.  They question my techniques and don’t buy into the Paleo lifestyle – I’m determined to prove them wrong but I almost feel like this person is waiting for me to fail, I’ve played this role in the past but I’m not prepared to play that role anymore so it’s important for me to find my inner strength and change this persons perception and stop them from influencing my mind set.  This might sound really strange for someone reading this, but I think some people are either jealous of what your doing and so find fault or they’re intimidated by you succeeding and so don’t want to encourage you.


A friend of mine said to me once, after she had achieved an enormous weight loss that changed her life that her close circle of friends found it hard to accept her new weight and now she wasn’t the ‘Fat Friend’ anymore she had to re-define her place in the group, no longer was she the one who her friends came to with their problems, instead she felt like they distanced themselves from her.   They just couldn’t accept her new weight and it changed the group dynamic.


I’m sure I won’t have this problem, I have lots of friends but only one or two very close friends and they support my weight loss but in terms of the family member I’m referring to I think they display the same behaviors as I’ve just mentioned.


So in summary I’m working hard to exercise and lose weight but I’m working even harder to not slip back into the role that a very influential person in my life wants me to play….  They can kiss my not so fat ass very soon!


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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