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      How this works

      What you're promising to do

      Submit a MyFitnessPal screen grab for each day for how ever long you've specified.

      That's it.

      It doesn't even need to be filled in - we can have the integrity to do what we said we would irrespective of anything else that's going on.

      The intention is that, by knowing you're submitting an MFP screen grab, you're more likely to track your food in the first place and by tracking you're food you're more likely to make better food choices.

      If you're unsure how to track your food, it's covered in the Progress - Track section of the Learn tab on the app (or at

      All you're committing to doing is the MFP screen grab submission for each day of the duration you've specified (and you've got a couple of days after for flexibility) - doing that, or not, is just a choice.

      As a bit of 'skin in the game', there will be a £5 'fine' for any non-submitted days. The only reason that this will cost you any money is if you make the specific choice to not spend 30 seconds uploading a screen grab at some point.

      Submitting the MFP Screengrab