Saw a post on Facebook last Wednesday that made me smile.

From one of our ninjas Chris Lloyd.

Chris got off to a flyer when he joined us and shed tonnes of weight over the first several months.

But we’ve notice recently that his head hasn’t been in quite the right place though.

And his results have slown.

On Wednesday he posted that he had decided to ‘stop trying’.

Don’t worry though, he’s not reaching for the razor blades.

And we’re not some sickos smiling when he might be.

Chris has come to the realisation that ‘trying’ is part of the problem.

We’ve mentioned it many times before that the language we use often dictates the actions that follow.

Both what we say, but also how we think.

When we ‘try’ to do something we are immediately saying that it might not happen.

We’re giving ourselves an ‘out’.

We’re saying it might not happen.

So there’s a good chance it won’t.

We don’t say we’re going to ‘try’ to go to work today, or pick the kids up from school, or eat, or watch TV, or go to bed at some point.

They are just things we do.

Approaching other areas of your life with the same mindset makes it vastly more likely that it will happen.

So, Chris is stopping trying.

Trying to eat healthily.

Trying to workout.

Trying to improve some other areas of his life.

He’s just going to do them.


Sure, there will be occasions when circumstance genuinely does get in the way.

But I’m willing to bet my house (well, my girlfriend’s house) that with this mindset, he’ll be successful much more than when he was ‘trying’.

Give it a go (notice I didn’t say ‘try it’) 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘My girlfriend says I’m very trying’ Hall and Matt ‘Touchdown’ Nicholson

Chris has given up trying Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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