As you may have noticed from previous emails, I took my two sons to see the wrestling at the MEN (or Phones 4 U as it is now) Arena last Friday.


An old friend of mine from my wrestling days has just become the first ever English World Heavyweight Champion and we went backstage to see him and some of the other guys.


Twas a fun experience for the boys and I think Daddy has gone up in their estimation – a few ‘cool points’ earned.


It was the first time I’ve seen Magnus (or Nick as I know him) in person for about 5 or so years, since he moved to America.


When Nick first started out in wresting people, used to tell me “you look like Johnny Midnight” as we have a similar natural build and look.


Over the years that soon switched to people telling me “You look like Nick Aldis”.


But, having seen him on Friday, I doubt I’ll be getting many more of those comparisons.


He’s out on a good 4 stone or so of muscle and looks absolutely amazing.


When I saw Alex’s reaction to him, I did question the decision of taking her to see someone who looks like me but is younger, more muscular, (slightly) taller and (arguably) better looking.


You can see him in the picture on the top right of this article – looks good, doesn’t he?


Seeing Nick close out the show in front of thousands of people with the world title raised overhead did leave me somewhat conflicted.


I’m made up for Nick that he’s done so well, but there was definitely a “what could have been” thought process running through my head for the next day or so.


At one point we were on about the same level.


Now he’s the world champion and looks amazing.


It was thinking back to an article we wrote only last week that put things in perspective.


About comparing yourselves to others it was.


And how no good will comes of it.


There will always be someone seemingly more successful than you at any one part of your life you may choose to pick.


Comparing yourself to others is a sure fire way to discouragement.


Comparing yourself to yourself and how your life is progressing is a fairer measure.


Since I last saw Nick, I’ve raised two children, set up and grown a new business, grown as a person and has lots of fun doing it.


I’d say my life has progressed just fine.


Same with you – try not to compare yourself to others.


It never helps.


Compare yourself to where you’ve been and consider your own circumstances.


[Tweet “Try not to compare yourself to others. It never helps.”]


Are you moving more towards the person you want to be?


If so, happy days – keep it going 🙂


If not, what can you be doing to get there?


Let us know if we can be of any help.


Much love,


Jon ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ Hall and Matt ‘Nobody Compares’ Nicholson


P.S. For those that don’t know (and I didn’t till I googled) – Nobody Compares is a One Direction song. Matt, like my 4 year old niece is a big 1D fan.


P.P.S. Tomorrow I’m going to tell you about one of my favourite poems which I shared with one of our Macc ninjas ‘Captain Sue’ the other day – its got a great message in it 🙂


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