Anyone who’s been to one of our briefing meetings will know the real focus of what we do is to help make people happier.


Part of that might be losing 20lbs (or more).


Part of it might be getting fit, toning up, improving energy and sleep and so on.


But they are only part of it.


What we really do is try and get in people’s heads.


Help them change their beliefs, opinions, mindset and so on.


A big part of this is to get them to realise how good their lives are already.


In the grand scheme of things.


Comparing ourselves to others is something we’ve always done as humans.


But it’s gone into over drive with the advent of social media.


In the last few years we’ve found more and more that a big cause of people’s dissatisfaction with their lives is that they believe everyone’s lives are much more fun / generally better tan theirs.


And that they are much happier.


Because that’s what Facebook tells us.


Because Facebook is only edited highlights of our lives.


With most of the bad stuff removed.


We’re as guilt as anyone of this.


People often comment that it always looks like I’ve had a great day or weekend or week.


And that I’m always up to fun stuff.


And it’s true that I do strive to make mine and the family’s lives as enjoyable as possible.


But there’s plenty of crap in amongst there that doesn’t get as much focus.


I don’t post on Facebook when we’ve finally got the kids to bed and we’re both mega stressed out and wound up by our time with them.


And the guilt that comes with feeling like that about your kids.


I didn’t post when we left meetings this weekend with the wedding florist and photographers thoroughly embarrassed by their behaviour – the kids, not you Pam 😉


I don’t mention the times I self medicate stress from the kids, work and elsewhere with alcohol.


The ill and dying relatives and friends ……………


I usually feel pretty shitty when I first get up.


And my sleep isn’t as good as it could be.


And my neck and back have hurt 24 hours a day for over 10 years.


You get the point.


Not whinging as, overall, my life is good.


People’s lives are rarely as great as they seem on Facey.


Mine definitely isn’t.


Chances are, in the grand scheme of things, yours is pretty good.


Compared to people starving to death, living in squalor and all many of other horrible things,  we’ve got it pretty good.


Remember that next time BookFace makes you feel bad about your life.


Even try making a list of every single thing in your life that’s good and you’re grateful for.


You’ll be surprised how many there are.


Puts things in context it does.


In fact, do that now.


Get a pen and paper out.


Open up a Word document.


Or ‘Notes’ on your phone.


Be cool to here some if anyone’s willing to share?


Hope that helps,



Much love,


Jon ‘Good Life’ Hall and Matt ‘Felicity  Kendal 🙂 ‘ Nicholson


P.S. Just a quick reminder that the find-out-more Briefing Meeting for the May ‘FREE 20lbs in 8 weeks challenge’ (and general membership, if you don’t have 20lbs to lost) is next Monday – check it out at 🙂

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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