Heard the Craig David song ‘7 Days’ on the radio the other day.

In it he tells the story of meeting a “beautiful honey with a beautiful body” on a Monday.
He then “took her for a drink on Tuesday. We were making love by Wednesday and on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. We chilled on Sunday.”
At the time I remember thinking it was a pretty poor effort that he needed a day off after only four times.
The Craig David of now probably won’t have that problem.
He clearly started working out and eating well at some point between this song and now.
As he’s in great shape now.
Looking at him with his shirt off (as I often do) would suggest he has pretty good testosterone levels.
I’m sure those “beautiful honeys” don’t get Sunday’s off any more.
Now, I know most FitPros don’t talk about sex.
But sex, and all the stuff related to it, is a major reason a lot of people join places like ours.
Not the only reason, and not at all in some cases, I know.
But a major reason for many.
They just don’t feel comfortable talking about it, at least early on.
Some research shows that British men’s testosterone levels have been falling at about 1% a year since the late 40s.
Meaning most of us will have about a third of the testosterone our grandfathers had.
Depressing isn’t it?
When a man’s testosterone (and other hormone) levels are optimal (not just at the government’s minimum recommendations), he should want to have sex every day.
On a course I once went on the guy taking it said “if a guy doesn’t wake up every morning with a tent pitched in their bed, their testosterone levels aren’t what they should be”.
If women’s oestrogen balance and testosterone (they need it too, just smaller amounts) levels (and other hormone) are optimal, they should feel the same.
If they don’t (and after 14 years in this industry I know most don’t), then it doesn’t mean they have ‘deficiencies’ as such.
Just non optimal levels.
If you’d like to address that (and who wouldn’t), then there’s good news.
What we recommend should help.
A balanced diet of natural foods – more protein and fat and less carbs than most people have (sugar particularly).
Resistance exercise rather than low intensity ‘cardio’ work.
Plenty of water.
Good sleep.
Minimising stress.
If you’re already doing the above then, hopefully, you’re noticing the ‘benefits’.
If you’re not, hopefully this will be a bit of extra incentive to start making those changes (HINT ## myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting ## HINT).
All those extra coffees, biscuits, donuts, slices of cake, skipped workouts, etc WILL slowly rob you of your sex drive.
Makes them a bit less appealing no?
Much love,
Jon ‘Proper Bo, I tell thee!’ Hall and Matt ‘Cha’mone’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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