We’ve mentioned many times about the replies and comments we get to our blogs, Facebook posts, etc.

They’re actually much less frequent than they were when we first started, to be honest.
Most know they’ll either be ignored.
Or, if they are particularly ludicrous, used as fodder for future blogs 😉
The best ones are always from unsuccessful FitPros.
Who think trying to pick an argument with other FitPros makes more sense than spending their time helping those that might benefit from their assistance.
Got a cracking one the other week.
From a blog where we talked about high carb diets and their connection to weight gain and loss.
“Denovo lipogenesis is very rare you know?”
Which I translated to “Look at me. Look how clever I am. I know fancy words”
## It’s the process of turning carbohydrates directly to body fat by the way ##
I didn’t reply because I hadn’t said it was common.
Hadn’t even mentioned it.
I’d clearly talked about how the effect on hormonal balances, fullness, appetite, eating at other meals, etc.
Saw a couple of good ones on other people’s stuff recently.
A video from Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) in which he was doing squats.
And some dude with ‘PT’ on the end of his Facebook name (what rubbish FitPros do instead of paying for ads) kept going on about Joe having ‘Patella valgus’.
Or “his knees are going in” as most would say.
And another where this guy was banging on about the ‘Glenohumeral joint’.
Or ‘the shoulder’.
From our experience……….
If a FitPro uses too many technical terms………
They are a pretty rubbish FitPro.
Not always, I’m sure.
But usually.
A good FitPro will aim to make his / her stuff as simple as possible for the particular audience they serve (like we d0 – details of the end of July briefing meeting now up at myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting for anyone who couldn’t make last night).
And they won’t spend their day picking arguments on Facebook.
So, whatever you’re doing, make sure it’s made appropriately easy to understand for you.
If it’s not………
Find someone who can do that.
Much love,
Jon ‘Strawman’ Hall and Matt ‘Ad hominem’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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