Twas our monthly coaching day yesterday.


As always loads of people smashing the 20lbs challenge and getting it for free.


The challenge is always open to everyone.


New and existing members.


Stacey, who we mentioned in an email a few weeks ago is on her fourth consecutive challenge and will end the year over 80lbs lighter than she started it ( if you like the sound of that).


Debbie has been a member for over a year now.


And her progress has been steadily forward each month.


But, by her own admission, it hasn’t been as quick as she’d like.


She recently found that she has to get her BMI (which we don’t usually use) below a certain level for work.


Not optional, it had to be done.


She combined that with the plan to do a 20lbs challenge to get it for free.


When things have to be done they usually do get done.


It helps give the focus on all the things that have, perhaps, slipped.


It can help people realise the things that they’re ‘missing’.


With that renewed focus and making the adjustments that needed to be made, Debbie came in yesterday 23lbs lighter than she was a two months ago.


Awesome work from Debbie – we’re super proud of her 🙂


You can see her video here if you want to congratulate her / aren’t sure all these people we talk about are real.




It’s the same with everyone.


If the weight isn’t coming off as quickly as you like then there’s other stuff that can be addressed.


Every single time someone tells us “I’m doing absolutely everything” we always find, in conversation, a number of things that aren’t happening.


We must have had that conversation over a thousand times.


And we’re still waiting for the first person who is doing ‘absolutely everything’ they could.


We know we’re not.


It might be food.


It might be to do with sleep, stress, toxicity and many other factors.


If you’re not sure what you’re missing out on that’s slowing results, let us know.


That’s what we’re here for.


And if you need that extra bit of ‘focus’, then put something in place.


‘Skin in the game’.


A wager with a friend.


Or our 20lbs challenge (or Beach Body challenge if you have less than 20lbs to lose):



Much love,


Jon ‘Does Dallas’ Hall and Matt ‘Red Shoe Diaries’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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