In last Friday’s blog I referred to “Decision making points”.

And I said I’d come back to them “tomorrow”

I, of course, didn’t.

My bad!

I’ll do it now though.

“Better late than never” as my Grandpa used to say.

He had a few other sayings.

I might cover them next week.

But, yeah – decision making points.

Pretty obviously, they are the point we make a decision.

About anything, of course.

But we’re more interested in choices around exercise and what we eat and drink.

Often decision making points are earlier than we realise.

The decision whether to go for a workout or not was, perhaps, actually made when we didn’t book our Sessions in and pop it in the diary.

Deciding at that point, without realising it, to allow something else to take it’s potential place in our schedule.

The decision to inhale an extra 50% of our daily calories in front of the Tele being made when we got those hyper palatable, super moorish snacks in in the first place.

Or maybe when we chose to not do a workout or meditate or something else that would’ve relaxed us.

The decision to grab something super calorie dense from the coffee shop being made when we didn’t spend a few minutes on Sunday night planning what we’d need for the week and doing an online food order.

The decision to think “sod it, I’ll start again next week” after a single drink or mouthful of something that we’ve labelled as “unhealthy” actually being made when we didn’t take the time to question that “all or nothing” mindset.

And so on.

The decision isn’t always made when we think it is.

Sometimes it’s a foregone conclusion by that point.

Rewinding a little to see what preceded it…….

And putting some little tweaks in place………

So that the decision we want to make is the easiest one to make………

Makes it much more likely that we’ll make it.

Much love,

Jon ‘Tree’ Hall

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