‘Del Boy at the bar’ isn’t going anywhere [And neither is his mate]

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Who used to watch ‘Only Fools and Horses’?

I did.

Great programme.

Loved it as a kid.

If you watched it, I’m sure you remember the ‘Del Boy at the bar’ scene.

It’s here if you’re unsure –> www.youtube.com/watch?v=63rcdLeXiU8

Del Boy tells Trigger to “play it nice and cool”.

Then goes to lean on a bar, which has since been lifted, and falls out of sight.

What really makes it funny is Trigger’s reaction.

It’s a classic scene to be sure.


It’s been played to death over the years a bit, hasn’t it?

But, when it’s still being talked about over thirty years later, it’s not going anywhere.

And neither are the other kind of Triggers.

As in the things that ‘set us off’.

All of our habits have a trigger.

Positive or negative.

Something that starts a ‘chain of events’ in us.

It’s a certain time of day, we’re in a certain place, we feel a certain way, someone says a particular thing.

Something happens.

Something starts that process.

Cue – Craving – Response – Reward

The cue / trigger makes us think about a certain process (maybe subconsciously).

We desire something about it.

We do it.

We get something from doing it.

We can try and change some, or all, of those thing, of course.

We can, perhaps, reduce our exposure to those ‘triggers’.

‘Hide’ them an amount.

But they’ll never go away.

The thing that made us want to do a certain habit will always rear it’s head at some point.

We’ll feel that way again some times.

See that thing, speak to that person, be in that place, etc.

Learning how to handle those triggers is where some of our greatest freedom lies.

Choosing a different response.

One with a net gain, rather than a net loss.

For the reward that gives.

Learning to crave that reward because it serves us better in some way.

Going for a walk, doing a workout, making a different food or drink choice, meditating or anything else……………

Because that gives us, at least, enough benefit compared to the the thing we might have done before that helped short term, but hindered overall.

“Del Boy at the bar” and Trigger aren’t going anywhere.

Neither are our triggers.

We can just change the response that they trigger.

Much love,

Jon ‘I sometimes call my youngest son’s feet Derek and Rodney. You know – because they are “trotters”‘ Hall

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