In Wednesday’s Blog I talked about the 1984 film ghostbusters.

In it, Sigourney Weaver’s character Dana is possessed by the demon ‘Zuul’.

Google tells me that demons being classed as “malevolent supernatural entities”.

Demons are, by definition, bad.

And when we demonise something, we very much paint it out to be purely bad.

But it’s powerful to remembering that demonising things often doesn’t create the change in behaviour that we hope it will.

Often it does the exact opposite.

Whilst we might not agree with what he says (and I largely don’t) demonising the likes of Andrew Tate and what they talk about is what actually pushes many people further towards them.

———– Just to make very clear before I’m misquoted, I’m definitely not a proponent of the likes of Andrew Tate, but it’s a powerful example of what I’m talking about and of some other interesting (hopefully) thoughts that I’ll share with you in the coming days ———–

Us humans, more than we’d probably like to admit, can be attracted to doing things because they’re demonised.

If I had a pound for every conversation I’d had with someone where they talked about things like cake, biscuits, take-out, alcohol, etc being “naughty” or “bad”………

Whilst, with a little glint and sideways look in their eye, explaining how they’d done lots of it………

I’d genuinely have a number (probably tens) of thousand pounds.

If categorising foods as “good” or “bad” works for someone, that’s cool.

For most people I’ve met, it doesn’t work.

Demonising certain foods actually puts them on a pedestal.

Makes them seem more desirable.

Forbidden fruit.

And, whilst I perfectly understand that chronic, consistent consumption of certain foods would negatively affect your health………

No food is acutely healthy or unhealthy.

If consuming a certain food makes us feel that we’ve “failed”, should “write off” a time period and “need to start again”……….

Then maybe we could question that?

Maybe there were just some foods that we have bigger or smaller portions of.

More or less frequently.

Creating an average and total. that gives our body what it needs to enable it to look and feel the way that we’d like.

Again, no right or wrong.

If demonising something works for us, then that’s great.

But, if demonising just makes it stronger……..

Then maybe it’s worth changing that (it’s when you are ready for change and achieving the results that’ve been two steps forward, one step back previously)

Much love,

Jon ‘Fin Balor’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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