Have you ever eaten something and then described it as “naughty”?

Probably with a little sideways glance and mischievous grin?

You know – you’ve had a some cake when you “really shouldn’t have”.

You’ve demolished a tub of Ben and Jerry’s on the sofa.

“Bit naughty”, wasn’t it?

Was it though?

Did that cake or Ben and Jerry’s steal your dinner money?

Was it “badly behaved; disobedient”?

No, it was just food, wasn’t it?

But it’s easy to justify some of our eating decisions like this.

Like we’re some sort of cool badass who plays by their own rules.

And, heh – if that sort of approach works for someone, then why not?

But, if experience has taught me anything, I’d wager it doesn’t for most.

People sometimes ask me “Aren’t you ever naughty?”

And I don’t consider I am.

Sure, I have meals where I consume more than 5% of my weekly needs.

Days where I consume more than 15% (considerably so sometimes).

But they were great fun.


Not naughty.

And all I had to do was have meals of 3 or 4% or days of 10% to average out.

No blame.

No shame.

No guilt.

Not naughty.

Just a total amount of food over the course of the week that was all good.

Much love,

Jon ‘in da hood’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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