A perk of running my own businesses is that I can, to a point, set my own hours.


So I choose to work 6am -9pm on Monday and Tuesday, with normalish days on Wednesday and Fridays, so that I can take Thursdays off to spend with kids.


It’s Alex, my girlfriend’s day off too.


We’ve recently started taking Jamie and Izzie (both 3) to a ‘Diddie Dance’ class in Poynton.


Which they love.


I can’t say it’s my favourite part of the week though.


I love seeing them have fun.


But I’m not a big dancer myself.


And I’m the only guy there.


Which, strangely is never acknowledged – the instructor says things like “Right kids, go to your mummy or grandma”.


Never any mention of “Daddies”.


I was quite nervous walking into that first session.


You know – the fear of the unknown.


It’s like when people come in to see us for the first time.


Particularly the ’28 Day Body Transformation Briefing Meetings’.


That’s why we try and prepare them as much as possible.


Remove the unknown.


When they’ve filled in their application form, I send them a video response, going through any questions and concerns they have – last few places left BTW, click here to change your life or reply to this email if you’ve already replied but not done anything yet.


They get to see my ugly mug, put a face to RISE and have any concerns covered.


They also get a video showing what to expect when they come in – where they go, where they’ll be sitting, what’ll be happening and so on.


They’re as fully prepped as they can be with as many worries dealt with as is possible.




I still get mildly nervous walking into Diddie Dance even now.


Thinking ‘I’ll be the only guy, everyone will look at me”.


I soon realised no one does.


They’re all just there to do what they came for.


Same with our sessions.


Even long term members sometimes feel a bit nervous coming in, but soon realise that there’s no need to – everyone is there for the same thing and we’ve built a great, welcoming, inclusive atmosphere.


It’s a place where ‘Everyone knows your name’ – check this video, inspired by Cheers, the TV Show, if you haven’t already.


And your kids, pets and other halves names.


What you do for work.


What you find difficult and need a bit of extra support with.


And so on.



Much love,


Jon “Terrible Dancer” Hall


P.S. You can apply to transform your life here or  email me on jon@myrise.co.uk 🙂


P.P.S. Adam’s ‘Chicken Wednesday’ story is coming tomorrow – keep you eyes peeled 🙂


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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