You ever loved a band’s first album……..


Then found the second one to be “not so good”?


You’re not the only one.


The overwhelming majority of bands’ first album is their most successful.


Three quarters of Mercury Prize winning albums are first albums.


It’s because that first album is the sum of everything up to that point in the lives of the band members.


Maybe 80 plus years of collective life experiences to draw from.


All the best ideas, hooks, that they’ve come up with over the years.


The second album is then a mixture of the stuff that wasn’t quite good enough for the first……….


And the experiences since.


Which often aren’t reflective of the lives of the fans (the red carpet do’s, etc).


People often find a similar thing on their health and fitness journeys.


The first bit is relatively easy.


They have all the healthier meal and drink options they’ve learned over the course of a lifetime.


The exciting “newness” of the new exercise options.


But, after a while………


It gets a bit samey.


A bit ‘boring’.


They feel the need for something new.


The equivalent to the second album.


And that’s where it gets tricky.


Where the extra effort is needed.


To try new recipes.


Learn to cook extra things.


Try things like batch cooking that you may not have done before.


Exploring new variety and options within exercise.


Successful musicians don’t just stop after that first album.


And then re-release that same first one again a year later.


They work though that DSAS (Difficult Second Album Syndrome).


And go on to continued success.


And you’ll have to do the same at times 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘The Bends’ Hall and Matt ‘Nevermind’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall

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