We were out for the monthly social last weekend.


Another top night.


A last minute realisation that there was no public ice skating because there was a game on at the rink meant we went to Laser Quest instead.


And into Macc after.


I was chatting to Sam and Dion in Red Willow.


They’re in a bromance bless them.


You can see Sam groping Dion’s chest in this team photo from Laser Quest.


And giving him a little shoulder rub in this piccie (I overheard him threatening a ‘donkey punch’ too) 😉


Anyway, Dion was explaining he’d introduced ‘Chicken Salad Fridays’ at work.


As the name suggests, they all get chicken salad in.


A bit like how some people have Starbucks every Monday.


Cake on a Tuesday.


Biscuits on a Wednesday.


Sounds like a Craig David song this.


BTW – poor effort having to ‘chill on the Sunday’ when you’re about 22.


Back to topic.


We mentioned Adam’s Chicken Wednesday and Ribs Friday in a blog about a year ago.


The same thing he’d introduced at his work.


Both of these are examples of people leading others around them in the right direction.


Not just doing what’s always been done.


Because ‘that’s the way it is’.


You too can lead those around you.


You can take action that’ll make you’re lives and theirs better.


You don’t have to get hammered all this weekend just because you always do in Bank Holidays.


You can arrange something else.


You don’t have to put up with the crap food always been passed around at work.


You can arrange something else.


You don’t have to put up with anything.


You can be the instigator of change.


You can make a difference.



Much love,


Jon ‘Chicken Tonight’ Hall and Matt ‘Shake and Vac’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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