One of the things that surprises people the most when they start working with us is that we’re not too bothered about calories and portion size.


Our focus has always has been that what you are eating and and your lifestyle is more important than how much you are eating and how many calories you are burning.


Most accept what we say at face value.


After all we have an immense track record in getting people to make lasting transformations to their lives and bodies with our methods.


Some like to argue though.


Especially on Facebook.


And even then, it’s usually people who haven’t actually come and seen our methods close up.


It’s often other, less successful, trainers to be honest.


They just hear half a story.


Or a comment we or one of our members has made.


And they like to say things like: “Are you telling me that you think that if someone ate less calories than they burned they wouldn’t lose weight or vice versa?”


Or “You do know basic physic says you can’t create or destroy energy, don’t you?”


By the way, my answers to these two questions are “No, I’m not” and “Yes, I do”.




I am, of course, fully aware that in a body that is gaining fat more energy must be entering it than leaving it.


And in a body losing fat, more energy must be coming out than entering.


However, our argument is that this is very rarely the reason behind weight gain but usually a downstream effect of it.


It is our opinion that people don’t gain weight because they eat more or move less, but that they are gaining weight so have to eat more or more less to make up for that.


The equation is the wrong way around.


Two self evident truths that show this to me are:


1. If it is JUST people having too much energy in them, then why aren’t people who are gaining weight full of beans rather than low in ‘energy’?

2. If it is JUST the calories, where are the people who only eat a balanced diet of natural foods who happen to eat too much or move to little and so have gained weight? I’ve yet to meet this person in all my 33 years.


Everyone we have ever worked with has found that when they start eating natural foods at approximately 1/3 carbs, 1/3 proteins  and 1/3 healthy fats and (a 2:2:1 ratio as fat has twice as much energy per gram than protein and carbs) then the amount and the calorie part of the equation takes care of itself.


Our appetite has got us through millions of years of evolution and still works well when not confused by things which mess up our hormonal balance.

The only time I ever start to look at calories is when someone is wanting to shift the last little bit of body fat to get shredded.


If you’re looking to lose anything other than the last few pounds that would make you look like a cover model, then by far your bigger win will be addressing the type of food you eat and it’s balance.


That and stress, sleep, hydration and toxicity.


I’m going to cover stress a little tomorrow and give you a few of the things Matt and I learned on our course this last weekend.


The results with our 1:1s have been insane so far.


Pain, range of movement and stregnth changed in seconds and minutes.


In some cases, more than years and years of physiotherapy, etc has ever managed for them.


Much love,


Jon “Doesn’t fear calories” Hall



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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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