One thing that my kids sometimes say that irritates me is “Do I have to?”

You know, “Do I have to do that thing that you’re talking about?”

And I used to reply with something like “Well, it’s not that you have to, but this is supposed to be something fun”.

Or “I’m not going to force you, but it’d be nice if you’d help out”.

I’ve changed that recently.

To “No – you get to”.

“You get to do something fun”.

“You get to contribute to the family”.

That kind of thing.

And I’ve just thought that that’s a good way to look at a lot of things.

Not as things you have to do but things you get to do for the benefit they bring.

The upside.

Because, despite what we might tell ourselves, there’s always an upside.

If there wasn’t, there’s zero chance that we’d do it.

We might just have forgotten it.

Or not looked hard enough.

So next time we catch ourselves thinking that we “have to go for a workout”, we could change that to “I get to go for a workout. To feel better straight away and work towards a body I like the look and feel of more”.

“I have to go to work” could become “I get to go to work to do XYZ and to earn money to pay for the things I like”.

“I have to go on a diet” becomes “I get to to eat better so I feel better and change those things about my body that I don’t like”.

And so on.

Change “I have to….” to “I get to……” and stack the benefits and see how you feel about it!

Much love,

Jon ‘Get to the chopper’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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