One of the quickest ways to learn a new skill is to ‘watch one, do one, teach one’.


Ie: See someone else do it, do it yourself, show someone else how to do it.


Normally after that you’ll have pretty good understanding of how it works and an ability to do it.


Not perfect, of course.


But pretty good to say it’s new to you.


I you can’t show someone how to do something, chance are you have insufficient understanding of it.


It’s the same with learning and implementing the sort of stuff we talk about.


If you can’t give a reasonable explanation of what we recommend to others, then chance are you haven’t fully got it yourself.


And if you haven’t quite ‘got it’ yourself, there’s a good chance it won’t be fully implemented in your life.


If you can’t explain why we recommend the water intake we do, you might not quite be getting there with it.


It’s to do with flushing out crap from the body, thirst mistaken as hunger and hormone sensitivity BTW.


If you can’t explain our general concept of healthy eating, you might not quite be doing it.


It’s natural foods with an equal balance of carbs, proteins and healthy fats BTW.


If you can’t explain why we recommend avoiding ‘low / reduced fat’ foods, you might not be fully doing it.


It’s because when you remove the fat you have to replace it with sugar and / or chemicals to make it not taste terrible BTW.


And because the fats weren’t necessarily bad ones in the first place.


If you can’t explain why low intensity cardio isn’t best for fat loss, you might feel like adding it in (remember if you want to go for a jog, swim, etc for general health benefits or because you enjoy it, that’s cool – it’s just not great for fat loss).


It’s because low intensity cardio may take a slightly higher percentage of the calories burned from your fat stores, but it’ll be a lower overall number than with interval training BTW.


And, more importantly, it has a much lower (sometimes negative) influence on the important hormone balances that can dictate weight loss and gain.


If you can’t explain how you can eat more food and lose weight with what we recommend then with most ‘diets’ then you might not be eating enough.


It’s because real food is generally less energy dense than processed crap BTW.


And real food will have a better impact on hormonal balance which is a big factor in weight loss and gain


If you can’t explain how lifting heavier won’t make women bulky, but will make them more toned and defined, then you might be shying away from doing so.


It’s because women don’t have the hormone levels to get bulky (unless you inject them into yourself like female body builders do)


If you can’t explain how you can out train a bad diet, you might not be eating great because you think the exercise is enough.


It’s because your diet plays a big part it how your hormones dictate where what you eat goes BTW.


And chances are if you continue eating crap whilst exercising all that’ll happen is you end up eating more crap.



Hope that helps dudes 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Do One’ Hall and Matt ‘Do it, do it now, do it’ Nicolson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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