I was chatting to a ninja-roonie t’other day.



He made a passing comment abut all the stuff we do ‘for new members’.



I had to question what he meant.



He’d got in his head that we did more for new members than existing ones.



And if he’s thinking it, there’s the potential others might be too.



Tis not true, of course.



Everything we do is available to all members.



All the new systems we’ve put in place, the support, the 20lbs challenge, etc are available to all.



There is, of course, better things in place for members joining now than there was 2 years ago.



Because we’re constantly striving to improve what we do and the results it brings.



‘Improve every day’ was one of the three principles we founded the company on.



But, when everything is introduced, it’s available to all.



The only ways round that would be to stop improving.



Or to only make the improvements available when someone’s been with us a year or two.



Neither of which would fly.




Much love,



Jon ‘Have fun’ Hall and Matt ‘Make a difference’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

When not helping people to transform their lives and bodies, Jon can usually be found either playing with his kids or taxi-ing them around. If you'd like to find out more about what we do at RISE then enter your details in the box to the right or bottom of this page or at myrise.co.uk - this is the same way every single one of the hundreds who've described this as "one of the best decisions I've ever made" took their first step.