At RISE Group and 1:1 Personal Training in Macclesfield we occasionally get asked why we recommend supplements. The usual comment is “if we eat a balanced diet we can get everything we need from food”.


We used to think this way too. It’s a nice idea. It was probably true 100 years ago. However the food we eat now is very different to what we ate then and what we evolved on. The quantity of most vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients in our food has fallen drastically in this time. Couple this with the rubbish that ends up in a lot of food to preserve on it’s long trip to you and to make it look nicer and the increased levels of toxins in the general environment and WE CANNOT GET WHAT WE NEED WITHOUT SUPPLEMENTATION!!!!!!!!!!


You may think you’re ok because you’re getting your RDA. Anyone who fully understands RDA knows that it is the amount of something you need to stop you getting a disease from lack of it. RDA of Vitamin C will stop you getting Scurvy. Most experst refer to RDA as Recommended Deficiency Allowance. When people tell me they get “nearly” their RDA “most days”, we point out they are lucky not to be ill (or iller then they already are).


For those of you that are still unsure, the great Charles Poliquin explains it much better then we ever could in his article “10 Very Good Reasons For You To Take Supplements” (click here to read).


If you’ve tried to lose weight before – your lack of supplemental nutrition could be a major reason why. Email us at to find out more about how we can test your for common deficiencies that may be holding you back).


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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