In yesterday’s blog, I talked about how we might not trust in our ability or likelihood of doing something.

And what to do if that’s the case.

The third part of the Know, Like and Trust concept that I’d explained to my son is, of course, “know”.

It seems pretty obvious that we already know ourselves, doesn’t it?

But I’m going to question that.

I’m pretty confident that we all, myself included, make statements about ourselves that aren’t actually the cold, hard facts that we view them as.

We say things like “I’m just an all or nothing kind of person”.

Or “I’m too busy”.

“I’m no good at exercise”.

“I’m not a good cook”.

“I’ve got a bad metabolism”.

“I just need more motivation”.

All of those stated as though they’re an absolute fact.

Mostly actually just opinions.

Maybe exaggerated versions of reality at most.

Very black or white, all or nothing reflections on situations which are actually shades of grey.

– We might have exhibited something that can be described as all or nothing behaviour in some aspects of our lives at times.

But in the vast majority of our lives, we won’t have.

Claiming that “I am an all or nothing kind of person” is stating something as fact, when it provably isn’t.

– I’m sure we’re busy.

But I’m also sure we’re never too busy just to choose to eat some different things or to have some smaller portion sizes.

I struggle to accept that if we haven’t exercised for any number of minutes for weeks and months, that that was solely a “busyness” thing.

More a mindset around busyness thing.

– We might not have the widest cooking repertoire……..

But, let’s be honest, how much time over the last decade have we spent on trying to broaden that?

– Have we actually ever had a test done to determine how much our Basal Metabolic Rate varies from the average for someone of our size and body composition?

Research shows that it probably won’t vary by more than +/- 80 calories a day and that there’s no correlation between those marginally better or worse metabolisms and their probability of having extra body fat.

– Most people, from my experience, actually get better results when they stop relying on motivation and just make a decision to do something and then do it.

Potentially becoming motivated along the way because, at best, motivation is an ‘after emotion’.

Ultimately, we probably all don’t know ourselves quite as well as we’d like to think.

We’re likely to be using descriptions of ourself which are, at best, exaggerated versions of some of our experiences.

Questioning those things and trying on for size a different way of looking at it can be a relatively easy to implement difference maker.

Much love,

Jon ‘Know know know know know know know know know know, there’s know limit’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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