The other week my oldest son came home from school and asked if I wanted to watch Back to the Future.

The answer, of course, was “Yes”.

One of my favourite set of films from my youth.

Part of the story is how previously low in confidence 1955 George McFly changes the trajectory of his life by knocking out school bully Biff Tannen.

When Marty asks him about his science fiction stories, George refuses to let him see them, saying “What if they didn’t like them, what if they told me I was
no good.”

And when Marty encourages George to ask Lorraine to the Enchantment Under The Sea dance, he responds with “What if she said no? I don’t know if I could take that kind of rejection”.

Plucking up the courage to punch Biff is what changes things so that 1985 George ends up being a successful author who says “Like I’ve always told you, if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything” (although, strangely, he still lives in the same house).

And I’m sure we can all identify with how George felt before.

Not doing something because we were concerned how it would go.

Worried what people would think and say and how they’d react.

We’ll all have things that we would have done if there was zero percent chance it would go wrong and we knew everyone would react positively, don’t we?

I get it.

But, the only way to build that confidence is through action.

It might not be as big a thing as knocking the school bully out.

But we can take some action.

Small steps that build over time.

Accept that things won’t always go perfectly and we can learn and course correct as we go.

Become ok with the fact that people won’t always react how we might like them to.

To just keep doing what we think is right because it’s important to us and those that we care about.

Confidence comes from benchmarks.

Measurable points of progress.

Setting intentions and doing what we can to make sure they happen more often than not.

Confidence and success won’t come and find us.

We have to take those steps.

Much love,

Jon ‘Mad Dog’ Hall

P.S. People are often apprehensive about the exercise side of what we do. I get that. We’ve made it as welcoming and easy as possible for people to get into. But you still need to take that step —>


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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