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I had an interesting conversation the other day.

With two members at the same time.

Both of whom felt they needed “more rest”.

Which I get.

I’m sure we all feel like that somewhere between some and all of time, don’t we?

The interesting bit is how much rest they were both currently getting.

If we’re taking the definition of “rest” being “cease work or movement in order to relax, sleep, or recover strength”………..

Then we’re looking at how much time of being relatively inactive we have.

One had very little time in the day where they were not working or moving.

The other already had a reasonable amount.

But neither felt it was enough.

Because they weren’t feeling great.

The key, perhaps, comes from the penultimate word.


Because that’s what we actually need.


“a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength”.

Being inactive only really helps us if it’s returning us to that “normal state of health, mind, or strength”, doesn’t it?

Somewhat pointless if it’s not.

If anything, rest is just one potential method of recovery.

A valid one, sure.

But not the only one.

And not the right one for everyone all the time.

The following can all be parts of recovery;

– Hydration

– Eating well

– Exercise

– Meditation / relaxation techniques

– Fun activities

– Quality time with loved ones

And so on.

If we’re not feeling great, it might not be rest we need.

It’ll be recovery.

And there are various ways to go about that!

——– And we can help with all of them –>

Much love,

Jon ‘Truck’ Hall


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