In the 1980s Pescico conducted some double blind tests on their Pepsi versus Coca Cola’ Coke.


They dubbed it ‘The Pepsi Challenge’.


Over 200,000 tests when asked to state a preference for two unmarked drinks, 62% picked Pepsi.


## As a side note, this was just for one sip. The opposite was found over a full can’s worth. Which, supposedly is down to Pepsi’s extra sugar content making it sweeter and more appealing in small doses but harder to manage over larger amounts ##


But the real interesting fact was that, when they knew what they were drinking, the vast majority picked the Coke.


Coca-Cola’s stronger brand and superior marketing had convinced people it was the superior product.


Despite what their senses were telling them.


Most of us think we wouldn’t fall for such things.


That we make our decisions based on rational thought processes, not marketing tricks.


But, all the research shows, we don’t.


Whenever a new supplement or fancy bit of exercise equipment comes out……….


I know I’m more likely to look further into it if the model on the cover had better abs.


Despite knowing, deep down, that person has probably never used that product.


At least not for any length of time – they probably looked like that before they’d even heard of the name.


And we have countless people asking us about the latest diet, food plan, workout DVD, etc endorsed by a Kardashian (or similar)


Or the new class at the local gym that “must be good” as it had a picture of a super hot model pretending to do it on the poster.


You get the point, I’m sure.


Whilst we’re always tweaking and refunding and improving approaches………


The basics that have always applied will always apply.


We don’t need more gadgets, supplements, etc.


The reason someone hasn’t got the body, health, etc that they desire isn’t because that elusive thing hasn’t been invented.


Whatever the marketers tell us.



Much love,


Jon ‘Pepsi Max’ Hall and Matt ‘Diet Coke’ Nicholson




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