I mentioned yesterday that we know what to do.

That that’s a given.

How it’s the actually doing it that we struggle with.

I did say I’d question that a little bit today though.

Because often when we describe what we “need to do”………

What we actually mean is……..

What we “could do”.

It’s a method.

One that should lead to our desired goal, sure.

But that usually isn’t the only way.

We don’t actually “need” to do that.

When we say “I need to stop drinking”……

Or “I need to cut out snacks”……….

Or “I need to drink more water”……….

Or “I need to stop going out”……….

Or “I need to stop getting take outs”………

Or “I need to start cooking more”……….

We don’t actually need to do any of those things.

I could point you out hundreds of people who’ve got in better shape whilst drinking, snacking, not having much water, going out, having take outs and cooking no more than normal.

They might do less of some or all of them.

Or they might adjust elsewhere.

But none are “need tos”.

They’re not the only way.

Ultimately, it’s what works for us that’s key.

If any or all of those approaches do work for us, that’s awesome.

Chance are if we feel we “need to” do them, we haven’t been doing them and, probably, won’t do them for long.

The all or nothingness approach of them leading us to stop at some point.

Concentrate on what we actually “need” to do to get closer to our goals and create an average that works for that.

Chances are it’s;

1. Eat in a calorie deficit / maintenance

2. Do some progressive exercise that we find, at the very least, tolerable

We may also include things such as more fresh food, more water and more sleep, dependant on what we’re after and our situation.

But always remember what is a “need to” and what is just a potential method.

Much love,

Jon ‘Why do Bakers work so hard? Because they knead the dough’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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