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I’ve mentioned many times that I’m not convinced that, when people feel they’re “self sabotaging” that that’s what actually happened.

That we’re actually making those decisions at that point for the perceived benefits and despite of the drawbacks.

We’re not making them solely for the drawbacks (which is what sabotaging would be).

Another thing I’m not convinced about is “fear of success”.

Because it’s not the success we fear.

It’s the (potential and perceived) cost of success.

If I could click my fingers and, by magic, you’d wake tomorrow in your dream home with a million in the bank, your body looking and feeling exactly how you want it and anything else you desire……………….

And you knew for sure that no one would judge you or make comments, all your relationships would continue, at least, as before, you wouldn’t have to work any more than you are now (less preferably), you were confident it wouldn’t all just go wrong at some point and so on………….

You’d take it, wouldn’t you?

I know I would.

We’re not worried about the result………..

We’re worried about what we’d have to do to make that result happen………..

And how that would affect other aspects of our life and relationships.

We don’t fear the success.

We fear it’s cost.

And knowing that is powerful.

Because, much like we’ll struggle to get an answer to “why do I self sabotage” when that’s not what we’re doing…………

We’ll struggle to know why wear fear success when we don’t.

Knowing that everything has a degree of a ‘price’ is powerful.

We can decide what ‘prices’ we are willing to pay.

We can decide what ‘prices’ are real and which are imagined.

Which are definite and which are potential.

Success in any area of our lives always has a ‘cost of admission’.

But so does not achieving those things we want to achieve.

Getting clear on what the genuine costs of all the routes we could take is empowering.

We can decide which way we’re going to go by weighing up all those costs.

And not getting stuck behind ones that aren’t real.

Much love,

Jon ‘And Loathing In Las Vegas’ Hall

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