So, I mentioned yesterday that I was on hols last week.

I went for a workout on the on-site gym a couple of times.
It was a perfectly fine gym.
Fairly well equipped for a campsite.
And there’s always a but.
Either that or butter.
### Dated reference alert – 10 points if you get that without Googling ###
But, I came to a realisation between sets.
On the side of every machine there were two labels.
The first showed how the machine worked.
With a silhouette of a rather large and muscular guy using the bit of equipment.
And a second picture showing which muscles were involved in that movement.
I’m sure any of you who have used a gym have seen similar pics.
The second pic was (originally) hand drawn.
And showed a guy with the sort of physique you only get after a decade of injecting yourself with steroids and growth hormone.
Not forgetting the tamoxifen (breast cancer drug) these guys take to stop themselves growing breasts.
Seriously, this dude was mahoosive!!!!
Every muscle popping out.
With every hose pipe sized vein bulging out from under the paper thin skin.
I’ve googled and found this pic, which is the closest I could get but not as big or veiny:
I get the idea.
Really clear and easy to see what muscles are working.
How many people who ever use this equipment………
Or gyms in general……….
Want to look like this?
Some, sure.
But I’d wager that 98%+ of people wouldn’t chose that physique if they could get it by flick of a magic wand.
Now, I’ve got all the respect in the world for those that do achieve that – I can only imagine the effort and sacrifice that goes into it.
But, for the majority of the other gym users, it’s probably more off putting.
How many people will have approached such a machine, seen such a picture and thought “This one’s not for me, I don’t want to look like that”
The problem with most gyms and equipment is……..
They are designed by people who love them.
In a way that is off putting to the vast majority who don’t.
Gyms are often laid out in such a way that the free weights are in a scary corner populated only by large, grunting dudes.
Most people who work in gyms aren’t interested in speaking to people when they go there.
So they don’t talk to the members there.
The fact that the vast majority of the people we meet say they didn’t like the atmosphere in the gyms they tried or feel particularly comfortable there, says it all really.
We’ve specifically designed our facility, the programme in general, the induction process (next step tonight if you want to find out more –> /briefing-meeting) and pretty much everything in order to make it enjoyable and attractive to ‘normal’ people.
Crazy, heh?
Much love,
Jon ‘That dude’s got the same problem as Action Man’ Hall and Matt ‘GI Joe’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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