I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I do yoga most Tuesday lunch times.

It starts at 11:30 and is due to finish at 12:15.

It sometimes runs over.

When approaching the end, the instructor will often say “Does anyone mind if we go to 20 past to fit everything in?”

Which on the face of it, sounds great.

Bonus yoga.

But I’ve usually scheduled calls from 12:30 onwards.

So, sometimes, I have to leave without having done the relaxation bit at the end.

Which is my favourite bit.

I position myself near the door in case this happens.

And if it was a regular thing, or the class was due to finish at half past, I’d just schedule my next appointment accordingly.

Finishing at the agreed time is something I’ve always made clear to our coaches needs to happen.

I remember starting out in the Fitness Industry 20 years ago and over hearing members complain at reception about things that had run over.

And they were either really embarrassed about having to leave in front of everyone or they’d been late for something important.

“Why didn’t they just say something?” the receptionist would often then say.

The answer, of course, being the way the question was put across.

“Does anyone mind if we run over a bit?” generally leads to a few accepting smiles and nods.

It’s quite hard to then put your hand up or shout out in front of everyone and say, essentially, that you “do mind actually”.

If experience has taught me anything, the most common response for someone for whom it is an issue, is to go through with it that once and then never come again.

How questions are phrased, can massively influence the answers we get.

And change our perception and understanding of the consensus of opinion.

And it’s very easy to only see examples of what appears to confirm our beliefs.

And miss those that appear to refute it.

It’s easy to get confirmation from others that “healthy eating is expensive”.

Or that exercise is “boring” and “painful”.

That we “don’t have time for” either.

That weight gain is an inevitable results of birthdays, holidays, socialising, injuries, being busy, stress and so on.


Like people don’t feel comfortable shouting up to say they do mind if something runs late……….

Most people won’t be up shouting up and helping you question those beliefs that hold you back.

That’s where I come in!

Much love,

Jon ‘of Fame’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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