On Tuesday I referenced how I move my legs to get into a particular yoga position in my yoga class.

Whilst thinking about legs (just my own, honest Alex), I got thinking about certain memes that I see semi regularly.

Usually pictures of guys with relatively muscular upper bodies and relatively small legs.

Accompanied by some version of “Don’t skip leg day”.

Or “This guy clearly skips leg day”.

People have occasionally accuse me of “skipping leg day”.

Usually jokingly in person.

Sometimes in posts online.

And I’ll freely admit to having a relatively small legs compared to my upper body.

Which I’d mainly put down to having a really messed up spine that often limits what I can do in terms of squats, deadlifts and the like.

Although it’s also fair to say that I’ve never enjoyed lower body exercises as much as upper body ones.

And it’s cool, I’ve got a thick skin.

Doesn’t bother me.

But I think it’s an interesting observation which comments about other people’s bodies are and aren’t considered acceptable by some.

Imagine if I commented on the post of someone who had gained weight with “Don’t skip salad day”.

Or a group post with “None of these guys have been skipping cake day”.

People would, rightly, accuse me of being a bell-end (or worse).

Some of the people who I see online commenting on some aspect of other people’s body or appearance hate it the most when others do the same to them.

So, where’s the line?

How do we decide who can comment on which part of which people’s bodies and when?

If it’s acceptable to tell someone that they’re “overdoing it” when getting in shape……..

Then is it acceptable to tell someone that they’re “overdoing it” when they’re gaining weight?

If it’s acceptable to comment that someone’s body parts are “too small”……..

Is it acceptable to comment that it’s “too big”?

Or vice versa?

If it’s ok to comment on the appearance of someone famous……..

Is it ok to comment on the appearance of random people?

How famous does someone have to become before how they look is fair game?

Personally, I think commenting on other people’s bodies and appearance, unless they ask you to, is kinda weird.

I don’t really know how to wrap this blog up.

There’s no segue into a parallel here.

Just sharing my thoughts.

Hope you found them useful 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘ny the busg kangaroo’ Hall

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Jon Hall

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