I mentioned in a blog last week about the kind of questions people ask me when they see me out socialising.

In fact, people are often surprised to see me socialising in the first place.

Assuming us Fitness Professionals live in a cave, eating chicken and broccoli.

People (before they get to know us) are genuinely surprised to see us soulless burpee lovers out enjoying ourselves.

I’ve been asked many times over the years “Don’t you ever let your hair down / relax / enjoy yourself?”

Now there’s a bit of unpacking to be done there.

I’d honestly say that I’m more relaxed than 99% of people that I meet.

And, if regular conversations with people where I ask “What are you looking forward to this week?”……..

Or “What’s been the best part of your day or week?”………

Where people struggle to come up with an answer……..

I’d say I have fun / enjoy myself more than 99% of people.

What people basically mean by the question is “Don’t you ever overeat and drink loads of alcohol?”

Which I do do.

But, from my experience, if that’s someone’s only way of relaxing and enjoying themselves………

It leads to a life that is overall less relaxing and enjoyable.

If it’s part of a number of things that they enjoy……..

If they have a number of strategies to aid their relaxation………

If they create a life full of things that enthuse them, create excitement and they can look forward to and then class as succesess………

Then that creates a life that is more relaxing and enjoyable overall.

Getting p*ssed and overeating can be great fun.

If it’s our only source of relaxation and enjoyment, we’re missing out.

Much love,

Jon ‘Chemical relaxation can be nice but it’s always worth remembering that it’s sedation, not relaxation’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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