One of the side effects of being successful at what we do, is we get a lot of FitPros asking us for advice.


PMing or tagging us on Facey.


Adding us to their own Facebook groups for ‘sharing best practice’.


And so on.


Now we’re happy to give a bit of direction.


But some of them do take the Mickey.


Just looking for a free way to get the knowledge that we, and others, have spent time and money gaining from courses, mentors and so on.


Anyway, we get asked a lot about these daily emails / blogs.


Many like the idea.


But are worried about putting people off.


Worried about people unsubscribing if they email too often.


####### They also can’t think of something to say every day. Which, when you’re supposed to be an expert in your field, is a sad state of affairs if you ask us ########


“Aren’t you worried about putting people off” they often ask.


“Not in the slightest” is our answer.


If someone doesn’t like what we talk about or the way we talk about it in our emails ……….


They won’t like it when we do EXACTLY THE SAME THING in person.


When we talk to them about same things, but in more depth.


And just as often.


And that’s cool if they don’t like it.


Each to their own.


Better to realise that now than after we started working together.


There’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email (and every other) if that’s you my friend 🙂




There’s a parallel here for you.


About being yourself.


In everything you do.


If someone doesn’t like it…….


That’s cool.


You’re just not a good fit for each other.


The more you are yourself, the more you will repel those that aren’t a good fit………




The more you will attract those that are.


The more you hide behind a facade of ‘how you should be’……


The more you will attract people you don’t actually like……


While repelling those you would.


Being ‘professional’ is a big one.


We’re all for treating people calmly, politely and with respect.


And for delivering what you’ve said you would.


But it should never mean ‘being someone else’.


Technically all that ‘professional’ means is that you get paid for it.


And the most ‘professional’ people we ever meet in our industry are also those that earn the least.


Because they are hiding behind this mask of who they feel they should be.


Always happy and fully motivated and with ‘beast mode’ fully engaged,


In public at least.


And that repels the people they actually want to help.


You get the point.


You are the only you in this world.


There is no one else like you.


Hiding that you behind someone else’s expectations is the surest way to unhappiness.


Letting the real you out is the key.


Go do it.





Much love,


Jon ‘Off Putting’ Hall and Matt ‘Mildly Offensive’ Nicholson


P.S. Remember, if you don’t like these emails, there’s that unsubscribe link below. If you do like them, live in or near to Macc and haven’t checked us out yet, you might like this link – 🙂

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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