Buridan’s Ass……..


Is a fable that dates back to Ancient Greece.


In it, an Ass (or Donkey if you’d rather) is stood between some hay and water.


He can’t decide which one he wants more.


So ends up going to neither.


And dies of starvation / dehydration.


Dumb ass!


He was, of course, falsely limiting himself.


Thinking he couldn’t have both, when he clearly could.


Now, I’m sure we all think the donkey is pretty stupid.


Thinking he couldn’t have two things when there was no reason he couldn’t.


But (and you knew this coming, didn’t you?), we all do it.


Thinking we can’t eat healthily AND have tasty, interesting food.


Or that we can’t eat healthily and have enough money for the other things we want.


That we can’t exercise regularly AND have enough energy for everything else.



We can’t get in shape AND have fun.




None of these are true, of course.


But we’re kinda taught as a society that they are.


We here it from others so often that we often accept it as a fact.


So we end up just going for one at the most.


Sometimes neither.


When people start with us, they’re often surprised that:


They ARE thousands and thousands of healthy recipes – some boring, sure. But many tasty and enjoyable.


That there ARE way they can eat healthily which costs the same or just a touch more than unhealthy eating.


That exercising regularly gives the MORE energy for everything else.



That there are so many ways to exercise that there WILL be some you enjoy (myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting).


Getting your head round that is the biggest step.


Once you’ve done that you just have to find those ways.


And do them, of course 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Jack Ass’ Hall and Matt ‘A2G’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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