If there is one group of people that have really ‘nailed’ getting fat, it is sumo wrestlers.

Generations of them aiming to get as big as possible for their chosen sport have really fine tuned how to put as much size on as possible.

Here’s six of the main things they do when trying to pack on the pounds.

If you’re doing any (or all) of them, this might help you question those choices 🙂


  1. Skip breakfast.

Sumos aren’t allowed to eat after waking. They understand it helps set their hormone balance for optimum weight gain. And maximises the chance they will overeat later in the day.


  1. Exercise on an empty stomach

Exercising without proper fuelling will cause the body to conserve what it has available.

Doesn’t need to be a full meal.

Some protein before a workout will help loads.

A supplement of Branch Chain Amino Acids before will make the session miles more effective from a weight loss, toning, etc perspective.


  1. Eat only 1-2 meals a day

Sumos are up early and eat nothing for most of the day when they cram more than they could possibly use into themselves.

Sound familiar at all?


  1. Beer, rice and cereals

Sumos practically live on these.


Because they drive up your insulin levels (especially when consumed alone) and put you into a ‘fat storage mode’.


  1. Eat out

Sumos eat together.

And they eat out a lot.

Studies show people eat about 40% more when eating out.

Which is fine, of course, from time to time.

Just not all the time.

They also have ‘bottomless’ plates.

They’re not given a set serving and stick to that.

There’s as much available at each meal as they can possibly manage.


  1. Sleep after eating

Sumos nap immediately after eating.

And they’ll eat as much as they can just before bed.

The body can’t metabolise as much food whilst asleep, so more will go to fat stores.

So, unless you’re trying to emulate the physiques of ‘Dump Truck’, Yokozuna and Akebono, then you might want to steal clear of some of these tactics 😉


Much love,

Jon ‘An old friend of mine, who died this year, once went on a ‘bender’ with Yokozuna, the WWF wrestler, so ‘epic’ that he was found dead the next morning’ Hall and Matt

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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