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I’ve mentioned before that much of what we cover in these blogs is inspired by questions we get.


After all, if one person is unsure on something there will be many others who are also unsure but not asking.


I was asked at Coaching Day yesterday whether “I should eat after 6pm?”


As they’d been told not eating after 6 was a great way to lose weight.


My answer?


“It can be, if that works for you”


There’s nothing special about eating at different times of day.


When calorie matched all food timings give equal results from a weight loss perspective.


Eating 1, 3 or 6 meals.


Not eating before or after certain times.


Longer or shorter gaps between food.


Intermittent fasting.


All exactly the same when calorie matched.


From a weight loss perspective.


So if you find one is a way you find easier to maintain a calorie deficit (or calorie balance)………..


Then that’s a good choice for you (check myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you like the sound of somewhere that works with you to find a way that works for you rather than just telling you what to do).


For many people not eating after a certain time is an easy to follow “rule”.


They probably eat the same amount throughout the day as they would do otherwise.


Same breakfast, lunch and tea they might have had anyway.


Give or take.


But just avoid the ‘extras’ that can easily appear when we’re bored and / or a bit glum of an evening.


Nothing magical about the 6pm cut off.


But dropping the tub of Pringles and bottle of wine (replace as appropriate) will make a huge difference, all else being equal.


Ultimately, the best way is the one you find easiest to maintain.


Simple as that 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Dolly Parton’ Hall and Matt ‘ATB’ Nicholson


P.S. 2 points for those middle names. Yesterday’s were ‘Lines’ – Line Out and Line Up.




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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