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I’ve talked several times recently about “motivational quotes”.

And how they can often do the opposite to what is intended.

They can lead to us feeling stuck, instead of motivated.

Because they lead us to believe we need something………..

That we don’t perceive we currently have.

Belief is one.

“All you need is belief”

“Believe it and you will achieve it”

Sounds nice, sure.

But what if we don’t really believe?

It’s OK.

Emma Raducanu didn’t either.

The first British woman to win a Grand Slam singles title for 44 years didn’t believe she was going to win the US Open.

She had flights booked home for after the qualifying round.

She was supposed to have been home then gone on to visit her Grandma in China before the semi finals even came around.

“I didn’t expect to be here at all,” she told reporters.

But she was.

And she won it.

“Just been focusing on one day at a time” she said.

Becuase that’s all that’s ever needed for success in any area of life.

Belief is nice, sure.

As are lots of other things.

Life going according to plan.

Nothing going wrong.

Other people behaving how we’d like them to.

All lovely.

None essential.

We can just turn up a day at time.

Make the best decisions we can in the only thing that ever exists.

The present moment.

Or, if not the best decisions, better ones than we’re tempted to make.

Like each hit of the ball, each choice seeming fairly inconsequential.

Temptation there to leave each one as there’s always the next.

But, each one adding up.

Leading, over time, to us getting where we’d like to be (even if we don’t really believe we can).

Or not.

And, if belief is ever going to come, it’ll come from the doing.

Emma Raducanu probably believes she can win another tournament now.

But she wouldn’t of she’d let each of those points go in that present moment.

Belief, life going according to plan, other people’s behaviour, etc……..

All “nice to haves”.

None needed.

Just take it a “point at a time”.

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Much love,

Jon ‘McEnroe’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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