We mentioned the other day that we did our monthly LEAN Map assessments down at RISE last week.


As always the conversations with both new and existing ninjas give us plenty of food for thought.


Particularly when we see a number of new people back to back and and you here the same message over and over.


I remember in January hearing a good 20 people in a row saying they didn’t have time for breakfast.


This month there was quite a few “I enjoy my food too much” remarks.


Got the old brain box whirring.


From my (12 years) of experience, a lot of people who come wanting to change their bodies have, at best, a love-hate relationship with their food.


They sort of like it.


But actually often feel pretty shit whilst eating it.


Beating themselves up internally as they eat anything remotely ‘unhealthy’.


And if one thing is worse for your waistline and health than eating crap, it’s eating crap on a bed of cortisol (the stress hormone which can be a big player in weight gain and loss).


It’s great, over time, to see these guys start to truly ‘enjoy’ their food.


To be able to eat out without the constant stress of ‘failing the diet’.


To stop obsessing over the number of calories or points in what they’re eating.


To forget whether it’s red day or green day.


To start to see food as a source of nourishment.


As fuel for what they want their body to do.


To see their energy levels, mood and general happiness all go up.


To see them start grabbing life by the scruff of the neck for the first time in a long time.


Always remember……


Food is not the enemy.


You might want to write that down.


Your body deserves to be treated well and fed stuff that’s good for it.


You deserve that!!!!!!!!


Much love,


Jon ‘Eaten out a lot recently’ Hall and Matt ‘Heavy Stag Do in Bratislava this weekend’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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