In yesterday’s blog I talked about “Blue Monday”.

Apparently yesterday was “The most depressing day of the year”.

I saw several posts on it and heard in mentioned on the radio yesterday.

One post jumped out at me.

I fact checked it and it turns out it’s true.

It’s made up.

It came not from a study or something similar.

But from a press release from Sky Travel in 2005.

A press release designed to make you want to buy holidays.

And what better to make you want to buy a holiday than thinking you’re in the worst day of the year and you need something to “look forward to”?

There’s a few things we can “unpack” (as people say nowadays) from this.

1. How we feel can be affected by the information we choose to take in, that we choose to believe and that we choose to give value to.

I’m pretty sure that if no one had told you that yesterday was supposed to be the most miserable day of the year. you wouldn’t have come to that conclusion by yourself.

And I’m sure that if most of us took in less news and scrolled social media less, then we’d have a more positive view of the world and of our lot in life.

I’d wager that we wouldn’t notice a good 70%+ of our perceived “problems with the world” if someone else wasn’t telling us about them.

2. There can be ‘vested interests’ behind the information that we receive.

Businesses will strive to make you feel a certain way.

Often to try and get money out of you.

It is what it is

But, as with anything, knowing that is powerful.

Ultimately, as always, it’s your life.

Take in the info you want.

Believe what you wish.

But, within that, it’s always worth questioning what we hear and it’s ability to affect how we feel (and, you know the score, if you want to change how you feel for the better in a move many have called one of the best that they’ve ever made, then filling this form in is the first step in that –> .

Much love,

Jon ‘To measure’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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