In 1950 there was a huge study undertaken.


Which, amongst other things, asked people if they voted, if they had a library card and if they gave to charity.


Pretty much everyone said yes to all three.


But, as you’ve probably guesses, voting, library and charity stats told a very different story.


People lie.


It’s a simple fact of life.


Some lies are tiny.


Some huge.


But we all lie.


Ourselves included.


Every day.


Sometimes to others.


More often to ourselves.


Little has changed in the last 60 odd years.


We say “Everything’s fine” when it’s not.


We exaggerate in our heads how may calories we’ve burned in exercise.


We underestimate how much we’ve eaten and drink.


We over-estimate how impassible the challenges in our lives are.


Little lies, of course.


Not the big, black horrible ones.


But, lies none the less.


Lies that hurt us.


And only when we realise that we’re doing it, do we stand any chance of overcoming it’s effects.


Sometimes we (and we are including ourselves in this, as always) need to be a bit more honest with ourselves.


To look more accurately at what we eat and drink.


At our exercise.


At our sleep, stress levels, work-life balance, relationships with others and so on.


And, where we find new clarity……….


Make those little adjustments that all add up to forward progress 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Sweet little’ Hall and Matt ‘Bare face’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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