Those of you who have kids will have noticed that pretty much everything is more expensive in school holidays.

Holidays themselves particularly.

I saw a huge rant on Facebook the other day about the difference in costs between a term time and half term week at Centre Parcs.

I get it.

It is frustrating.

Kids themselves are expensive enough before you even do anything fun with them.

Having three of my own I know how quickly it all adds up.

But I had a huge paradigm shift (change in the way you see things) to this a few years ago.

When someone pointed out that another way to look at it is that the price doesn’t go up in holidays……..

It goes down in term time.

If they need an average of, say £1,000 a week, they have a few options.

1) Charge that £1,000 a week for every week of the year. And see the holidays rammed. And term time next to deserted. And end up having to put it up to £1,500 a week to cover the costs.

2) Charge £1,100 a week during hols and £700 a week in term time. Holidays rammed. Term time busy enough to keep the average income up.

Many business have a tiered pricing structure.

A normal price for the most popular choice.

A discounted rate for those able to jump that ‘discount hurdle’ – off peak times, etc.

To give the average income needed to cover costs.

I know it’s still annoying.

But it puts it in a different light, doesn’t it?

And we can take similar paradigm shifts with lots of things if we choose to.

Eating healthily doesn’t take more time than eating rubbish.

It’s a better use of time.

Exercise doesn’t take up energy.

It provides it.

‘Normal’ eating isn’t what everyone else does.

It’s feeding and nourishing the most important but of equipment you’ll ever own so that it performs well, feels good, looks good and lasts you well.

It is, of course, your choice how you see these things.

Its a just reminder that you do have that choice.


Like you have that choice to come and see what we do and decide if it’s for you and you’d like to apply for a place –


Much love,


Jon ‘Loved going to Centre Parcs as a kid’ Hall and Matt


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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