I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I went to a place called CodeBreak in Shrewsbury on Wednesday.

On the car journey back I listened to an episode of their Podcast.

This particular one was called “Facebook Ads Aren’t Dead”.

And in it, they recounted a conversation that they and I have both had many times over the years with fellow business owners.

Where they express that “Facebook ads don’t work”.

Or that “they’re dead”.

I’ve had fellow FitPros and other people who have run different businesses and been asking me about our Facebook ads say this to me countless times in the last decade since I’ve been running ads.

And the CodeBreak guys’ next step of that conversation mirrored what I usually find.

Me: “What have you tried”

Other person: “I boosted a post and didn’t get anything from it”

Or, at best, they ran an actual ad but had no split testing going on and no way to track conversions.

They just did something and when they didn’t then see an immediate result, they put it down as “not working”.

Like us humans are often tempted to do.

In many areas of life.

We try a new diet or way of eating, don’t immediately lose weight and decide “it doesn’t work”.

Or start exercising and don’t look drastically different after a few weeks and write that off.

Or we meditate for 3 minutes, haven’t turned into Mr Miyagi and never try again.

Facebook ads work.

Over time.

If you do them properly,

And, assuming you’re doing the right thing (check with us if you’re unsure, do our four week trial via www.myrise.co.uk/apply if you haven’t already), exercise, better eating, meditation and the like will all work.

They just take time.

Learning and course correcting as you go.

And patience.

Much love,

Jon ‘Campaign’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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